AZTEC SPIRITS Bourbon Whiskey is distilled in the United States, not exceeding 160 proof from fermented mash of not less 75% Corn/21% Rye/4% Barley and stored at 130 proof in charred new oak containers.  Our bourbon is GMO free and domestically grown corn, rye and barley is used. Our final product has been 4x filtered and aged in oak barrels for a smooth and distinctive taste for sipping or mixing. Store away from heat, sparks and flame in a cool dark place.

We offer our bourbon in three distillate varieties for clients:

Bourbon Distillate
Aged Bourbon Slightly Oaked
Finished Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Aged

Characteristic  Typical
Proof 80-130
% Alcohol 40-65
Density at 15.56 °C in air 0.90770-0.94340
Appearance Amber, Brown
Aroma Characteristic of Bourbon


Additional information

Distillate Types Available

Bourbon Distillate 130% Proof,
Aged Bourbon Slightly Oaked 47% Proof,
Finished Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Aged 40% Proof


250 gallon tote, 55 gallon drum